P’nut Street Noodles

P’nut Street Noodles is the first Aussie street noodle joint to use authentic sauce bases made from scratch with ingredients directly sourced from Thailand.

Their dishes are flavourful, homely and differentiate from your regular Thai restaurant.

I dined at the Olympic Park location via an invite from Instagram and have been craving their food ever since (even little hungry tummy was loving the flavours).

Checking in, you’ll see that the inside has a cosy little set up reminiscent of Japanese streets.

Say hello to the wall of little gold waving cats also known as maneki-neko, symbolising waving in good fortune.

Looking at the menu, the chick’n in a cone is definitely a staple item.

It is popcorn chicken marinated in a sweet plum sauce and sriracha mayonnaise served in a waffle cone and is one of my faves.

It’s super moreish and is the best for your food porn shot!

The prawn dumplings are another one of my faves, served in spicy soy sauce and infused with Sichuan peppercorn.

The Penang satay noodles are for the peanut sauce lovers.

It’s rich in coconut milk and curry paste and is seriously some good comfort food.

The (very) nasi goreng has to be my favourite main.

Flavoured with chilli sambal, this dish will leave you wanting more!

For the health conscious peeps, there is a low calorie menu!

The chilli jam salad with chicken is the way to go.

You’ve got your mixed greens, chicken for protein and crunchy cashew nuts.

Another light option is the Buddha’s vegetable and tofu stir fry.

It’s cooked in oyster and mushroom infused soy sauce with a hint of five spice, perfect for your meat free Monday (or any other day of the week).

Happy eating!

xX Frankiie

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