Cute and Instagrammable food has long been a thing for social media lovers and Kusuka is just the place to deliver the goods.

Having visited this small Indonesian eatery before to try their famous galaxy drinks, I was happy to be invited back to try some new menu items.

Papa’s Congee is one of the cutest dishes out (not to mention tasty), is made of rice porridge, pork mince and pork crackling.

This dish is so cute, you won’t want to eat it but it’s seriously one deliciously mean dish which is too good to pass up.

The Yum Kwetiau dish is made with a bed of rice noodles topped with Wagyu beef brisket, with a tangy sour flavour to it and boy is this dish to die for.

The flavour of this one is insanely good and the Wagyu, cooked perfectly!

Something on the sweeter side is the Ropang Jupiter which is toast with purple sweet potato and taro syrup, vanilla ice cream and pink latte jam.

This is their version of French toast. It’s super soft and all of the flavours work well together.

For drinks, the java is a cold milky drink with jellies. It’s super addictive and would be the most perfect drink all year round (even on cold days).

The lychee calamansi is super refreshing and so yummy. I could seriously drink 10 of these!

The coffee at Kasuka is also really good.

They partner with Paradox Coffee Roasters and have a thing called oatmeal coffee which tastes absolutely fab.

I’ve never had anything like it before but will definitely be keeping it on my radar!

Let me know what you guys think of this place if you visit!

Frankiie xX

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