Parklands Food Fest

This was the first year I attended Parklands Food Fest and was glad I did.

Unfortunately I wasn’t well so missed out on quite a few of the stalls but still managed to get in on some yummy bits and pieces from what was left.

I got there with half an hour left until close but got some treats from Pasalubongs, Diego’s Donuts and Lovelle Creations.

Pasalubongs is a Filipino soul food company and is perfect for those who have never tasted filo food before.

Famous for bringing the greater community a taste of the Philippines, these guys sold out on everything but one item on their menu.

Pasalubongs have made their own take on filo favourite leche flan by creating pieces incorporating different flavours of cake such as red velvet, mango (pictured), ube and padan, which were so good!

Also on the menu were ensaymadas which are pastries covered in butter and sugar then topped with cheese. Filos love to have this for afternoon tea also known to them as merienda.

Another sweet favourite is kakanins which are native delicacies made from glutinous rice.

The orange coloured one is called kutsinta (my personal favorite), the clear, pitsi pitsi and the purple, sapin sapin. You’ll find these covered in coconut and on the tables of many Filipino households.

Leaving the savoury dish for last as it’s always dessert first, it’s the all famous pork bbq skewers.

These babies have received high traction over the past year or so and it’s not a question of why but ‘have you tasted them?!’

If not, I suggest you join the line at the next event and grab yourself a handful or two… maybe three!

Was that a fun enough history lesson on Filipino food as we are now onto the other dessert stalls?

Diego’s Donuts, one of my all time favorites was also there.

Naturally I grabbed some Nutella drizzled ones and a bag of the traditional cinnamon sugar.

I’m so obsessed with these donuts because they’re bite sized, yummy and don’t make me feel as guilty eating them because they’re so small.

A newbie which I’ve never had before but am now obsessed with are the desserts from Lovelle Creations.

I’m sad I got there so late as there were only two out of the seven dessert cups left. But still lucky enough to get to try the watermelon dessert cup and the Thai milk tea dessert cup.

Both were absolutely delicious! I’m seriously obsessed now and need to follow them wherever they go.

What stalls did you guys visit? I’d love to hear about the ones, especially the desserts.

Frankiie xX

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