Level Beverages Level Lemonade Launch

I have been a lover of 28 Black from the first time I tasted it so when Level Beverages approached me to create some image content for them, I couldn’t help but say yes and have been doing shoots for them ever since.
This time around, they have launched their own product called Level Lemonade and I couldn’t be happier.
For those who know me, they know that I don’t drink Coke and prefer to opt for lemonade (hence my love for lemon flavoured food and drink) so to be able to try another lemon flavoured drink was just a dream.
This one on the other hand has a twist. A healthy twist!
Usually when you think of lemonade (even the freshly squeezed ones) you think of the amount of sugar that is jam packed in there to make it sweet.

Level Lemonade takes lemonade to another level. The guys behind the idea – Katrin and Krish have gone and looked at incorporating health benefits into their first ever drink. This being Vitamin C and magnesium as most Aussies are deficient and don’t know it.
Katrin and Krish have identified the shift in consumer choices where people are making a more conscious effort to be healthy and are more mindful of their sugar intake. That’s where the idea behind Level Lemonade was born. It has benefits such as metabolism of energy, aids in muscle cartilage, cramping, sleeping, and relaxing.

The launch of Level Lemonade showed a more bright and colourful side of the Level Beverages brand. There were three flavours launched – original lemonade, lemonade and orange, and lemonade and pineapple and we got to have a taste of each.

I can’t say which one I favoured the most as they were all surprisingly good! I was expecting a sort of Berocca taste but it was nothing like that. Each flavour was fresh and left you wanting more.

There was free flowing wine and canapés served throughout the event by Peir One. There was even an area where you could take a selfie with the product.
The weather was perfect and really suited the vibe of the product.
Level Lemonade will be available at Ezy Mart and Caltex in March and will retail for around $4.00 so make sure you get a taste.

Frankiie xX

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