Easter High Tea at the Grounds

The Grounds of Alexandria is always pumping full of people no matter when you go.
It can be a bit off putting with the amount of people packed in there like sardines but you can’t help but be a sucker for punishment when you see how beautifully decorated the place is.
Having high tea for Easter here was an exception as we had pre booked to avoid the disappointment of a long wait for a table.
Located in the Atrium, the area which looks like a glass house, was decorated in hanging greenery and the tables were topped with vases of colourful flowers.

Not your average three tiered platter, this high tea came on two tiered trays accompanied by a glass of sparkling or juice of your choice. We opted for sparkling water and apple juice.

For the savoury bites, we received five pieces.
Cured beef sandwich with Russian slaw, cucumber pickles and mustard.

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich with fresh garden mint.

Coronation chicken on brioche toast with watercress.

Smoked trout and crème fraiche tartlet with salmon caviar.

Mini chicken, leek and mushroom pie with tomato relish which I loved and could have eaten ten!

For the sweet bites, we received four pieces.
Mini strawberry tart with vanilla pastry cream – this was my favourite!

Dark chocolate and salted caramel tartlet.

Chocolate and coconut “bounty bar” perfect for the lovers of coconut.

Mini raspberry Pavlova which was so cute (not to mention delicious). It was almost like a mini macaron topped with raspberries.

While we were eating, a staff member came around handing out pieces of the massive Easter egg they have each year which was quite nice. The chocolate was pretty good and surprising was comprised of several layers of chocolate.
Frankiie xX

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