The Pizza Shop

The Pizza Shop is a cute little shop located on Sydney Road in Balgowlah. It has a warm, retro feel with an interior decorated with records, toys and games reminiscent of early childhood.
Invited by Blacker Media, the tables were lined with boxes of Cadbury Roses chocolates and Christmas cards – the most thoughtful set up I’ve seen thus far, these guys really know how to throw an event which is super well organised!
So for the entrées we received some cheesy garlic bread, hot ‘n’ spicy wings, smoky BBQ wings and a pesto parmesan pizza.

I can’t choose which one was my fave as they were all really good! The wings were super flavoursome and easy to eat, the cheese on the garlic bread is such a good idea – I really wish more people would adopt this and the pesto parmesan pizzas flavour was nice and subtle. It wasn’t as overpowering as I thought it would be, so it’s definitely a winner.

If you were to choose what to have as an entrée, I’d recommend either one of the wings AND either one of the breads.

You definitely can’t opt out of having one of the wings as they are so good and if you choose the garlic bread over the pesto parmesan, you will see how well the cheese works and if you go with the pesto parmesan, it’s a nice, light lead up to the real pizzas.
Next up we got two sets of pizzas.
Pizza set one consisted of four different varieties.
There was the Dr Zeus which had marinated lamb, baby spinach, cherry tomato, Spanish onion, crumbed feta, garlic, and was drizzled with mint yoghurt. Definitely a Greek inspired piece, and such a good one at that. The marinated lamb had a real tasty flavour to it and gave the pizza that hit.

The Pep which is your standard pepperoni pizza definitely isn’t standard in taste. I’d have to say that this one was one of my faves (as plain as it sounds), some places you get pepperoni that isn’t super tasty but with this one, you really get that paprika, chilli pepper taste.

The Queen Marg had roma tomato, baby bocconcini, and fresh basil. Again, not your average margarita pizza. The baby bocconcini gave it a creamier texture and the fresh basil gave it a nice hit of added flavour.

The Butternut Chicken had toppings of chicken, butternut pumpkin, baby spinach, Spanish onion, crumbed feta, garlic, and pine nuts on a white base. This is a dream! It is such a nice array of flavours, reminiscent of a roast chicken dinner with sides of creamy pumpkin. Definitely one to try.

Pizza set two consisted of another four varieties.
The Mr. Prosciutto had prosciutto, Roma tomato, Spanish onion, wild rocket, and shaved parmesan also on a white base. I love prosciutto so this was a treat for me. Whenever I get prosciutto on a pizza, I end up eating the piece of prosciutto all in one go as it’s hard to bite through but this one was not.

The El Chapo consisted of chorizo, ground beef, jalapenos, capsicum, Roma Tomato, Spanish onion, corn, drizzled with creamy guacamole and sprinkled with fresh coriander. Now if you’re not a big spice fan, I suggest you pick the jalapenos off of this one as it can give you quite a burn. But other than that, the flavours worked really well together.

The Zorro had prawns, chorizo, Spanish onion, baby spinach, cherry tomato, crumbed feta, and garlic. This was also super tasty – the prawns went really well with the chorizo and the crumbed feta gave it a nice touch.

Last but not least was the Fishmonger which had an array of seafood such as prawns, mussels, scallops, Spanish onion, garlic, and fresh shallots. Now this is definitely one for the seafood lovers. With such a good mix, you definitely can’t go wrong with this pizza.
The guys also were generous enough to have brought us some desserts – a traditional tiramisu. It was delicious!

The alcohol was definitely present ahahaha.
It was such a lovely little venue and the food was definitely an A++.
I think it would be the perfect place for date night.
Frankiie xX

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