Sydney Cebu Lechon

Sydney Cebu Lechon is no newbie to the food scene.
Having been around for 27 years, these guys have built a strong reputation for themselves and opened a pop up in Blacktown with just recently securing themselves a little spot on Enmore Road.
Holding a soft opening on the 9th of February we were lucky enough to have been invited by some friends who have been long term fans of Sydney Cebu.
We were allowed to have whatever we wanted off the menu and of course, we opted for all of the “lechon” dishes.
The charcoal roasted pork/Cebu lechon which is the fave of the bunch was just delicious. Definitely not falling short of expectations, I now know why people insist on waiting in massive lines for this dish!

The braised pork belly/humba (Cebuano Adobo) is a slightly sweeter version of the adobo I am used to coming from a Filipino background but I have to say that I quite enjoyed this dish. It was super flavoursome and the pork, tender.

The crispy fried pork belly (lechon kawali) was also a hit. Differing from the Cebu lechon in the way it is cooked, this too has crackling right on point.

These three dishes to share along with steamed rice was enough to feed a table of four, all of us pretty big eaters so if you’re wanting to try more than one dish, I suggest going with a group of friends so you can get the full Sydney Cebu Lechon experience!
And don’t forget to leave room for dessert which is a mistake we made but will give more of a pull for us to come back and visit.
Frankiie xX

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