Brick Bar

So I was scrolling through the popular feed on Instagram when I stumbled across some burgers that looked like Lego pieces.
Immediately I had to see where to get myself one.
Luckily enough the guys at Brick Bar were doing a pop up at the Starship in Sydney so I had to get some tickets.
The entry fee included a play around in the ball pit and an hour and a half where you are free to build and create your own creations in the block room.

The ball pit had five dollar notes scattered around the bottom of it which people had to try and find and the down stairs area which had all the Lego was equipped with a bar, food station and ping pong table where people versed each other for drink prizes. There was also a money prize if you found five gold pieces of Lego.

The ‘brick burgers’ were served in pairs – one being chicken and the other, beef – both with a side of fries while non-alcoholic drinks were five bucks a pop.

The time went by so quickly, which was surprising but I didn’t know that Lego could be so much fun!
There were thrones made of large Lego pieces and walls where you can write messages or create character with pieces of Lego.
Both the upstairs and downstairs area had their own separate DJs and everyone was having a right old time.

By far, this was the story which got the most responses from fellow followers so it’s definitely one to try.

Frankiie xX

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