Mamma Teresa

Mamma Teresa is a nice and homely place to eat when you’re looking for good Italian food.
The people there are super friendly and welcoming as soon as you walk through the door.
We dined as guests of Ompty Media and are now happy we have found a great place to enjoy good quality Italian eats.
We started off with an entrée of garlic bread which was served in nice, large portions.

For the mains, I opted for the risotto pollo which had chicken breast, sundried tomato and spinach tossed with carnarolirice in a creamy napolitana sauce. Now I always choose this if it’s on the menu as I love sundried tomatoes in a creamy sauce and this dish was just perfect! Some places go overboard with the sauce and it becomes quite overpowering but this was right on point.

I also ordered myself the entrée size to save some room for pizza and dessert and this is just the right serving size if you want to eat other items off the menu.
Hubby ordered the fettuccine boscaiola which he too tends to order every time we have Italian (it’s so hard for us to break habit hahaha)! He loved this dish as well and said it was also one which wasn’t too overpowering and didn’t become sickening towards the end.

But a word of warning! If you don’t like garlic, you may want to ask them to tone it down a bit as it is quite strong in this dish. If you’re a garlic fan, then you will definitely enjoy the hit of it in this dish.
We were also given the Kingsford Special gourmet pizza which had toppings of prawns, pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapple. I don’t normally like pineapple on my pizza but this went surprisingly well with the rest of the flavours.

The prawns were also quite dominant in flavour which was good as every other pizza I’ve had with them on top, they’ve had no taste.
For dessert, I opted for something light; the Belgium Chocolate Mousse. It was a nice dark chocolate mousse topped with a strawberry. This was delicious. The mousse was nice and airy and the chocolate flavour, just right.

We definitely want to go back and try out the rest of the menu!
Thank you to the guys at Mamma Teresa and Ompty for giving us such a great experience.

Frankiie xX

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