Cucina Espresso

When your foodie fam invites you out for a super early breakfast on a Sunday morning where your day is filled with more food adventures, you can’t help but say yes.
Cucina Espresso is located in Concord on a strip lined with different types of eateries.
What makes it stand out against the rest is the owner, Rocco’s warm personality and passion for food which is reflected in the restaurant’s menu.

Carlo Callauti is the head chef of Cucina Espresso and creates a range of mean Italian dishes to rival mamma’s homemade cooking!
My favourite dish was the carrot cake pancakes! It was a homemade pancake mix infused with carrot, walnut and cinnamon which was stacked between a layer of cream cheese frosting and topped with vanilla gelato.

I cannot believe how good this dish was! It had been sitting there for half an hour with us taking photos and starting off with the savoury dishes and the pancakes still had a crisp to them despite having the gelato melt all over it. This dish is definitely one which you cannot pass on.
On the savoury side, we had the Chef’s Uvo Polenta e Prosciutto consisting of a bed of polenta topped with soft poached eggs, prosciutto, gorgonzola sauce and walnuts served with a side pane di casa (a type of bread).

Another savoury dish was the Uvo Cotto which is a dish made of eggs baked in a creamy sauce with porchini mushrooms, black truffle, potato mash and shaved grana padano cheese then garnished with crispy bacon and a side of pane di casa.

This was my second favourite dish. The flavours were just amazing and reminded me of a creamy boscaiola which I love.
Another one on the table was the salmon rosti benedict which is a chef’s potato rosti topped with house cured salmon, poached eggs and house made lime infused hollandaise sauce served with asparagus and watercress. I loved the potato rosti and the hollandaise sauce was just perfect. The eggs were also cooked to perfection which most places seem to get wrong.

The last dish we received is a new menu item so I’m not too sure of its name but it had baked eggs and was surrounded by pork pieces cooked in herbs and parmesan cheese. Yummm!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and try it for yourself as you won’t be disappointed!

Frankiie xX

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