Little Beirutee

Looking for some great Lebanese food?
Well Little Beirutee is the place to go.
Serving up a massive menu fit for a King’s banquet, you will be rolling out of this joint.
As an entrée, we were given a plate of turmos (also known as Lupini beans), watered almonds, olives, pickles, and carrots.

For our mains, we were given two banquet style pieces.
Banquet number two which had a top tier has tabouleh and fattoush.

A middle tier with hummos, babagounj, garlic dip and a lemon tahini dip.
Some turnips, pickles and olives.
Kebbeh, naye served with shallots, onions, radish, cucumber, capsicum, mint, parsley and chilli.

The bottom board had hand cut chips, two meat skewers, two chicken skewers, two kafta skewers and one makanek skewer.

Banquet number three came with a bowl of turmos, watered almond and carrots.

The top tier had tabouleh and fattoush.

The middle tier had hummos, babagounj, garlic dip and a lemon tahini dip.
Fried and fresh Lebanese bread.
Turnips, pickles and olives.
Deep fried white bait, prawn cutlets and salt and pepper squid.

The bottom board had hand cut chips, barramundi samke harra served with pine nuts and parsley and topped with a lemon tahini dressing.

Each piece was fresh and melted in your mouth. Each seafood item was just delicious. Even after 15 minutes of taking photos, it was still fresh and piping hot.
For dessert we had the Knefeh which is a warm creamy baked semolina topped with rose water syrup which was just delicious and not overpowered with the rosewater syrup.

Maamoul which are middle eastern cookies stuffed with pistachios, dates and walnuts.

Rice pudding made with rosewater and creamy rice topped with cinnamon. Absolutely loved this! They definitely need to make a bigger portion size because it leaves you wanting more.

Lebanese pancakes made with cheese and topped with rose syrup.

Fig and pistachio brownie which is a choc brownie infused with fig and pistachio served with a warm scoop of ice cream.

Nutella knefeh which was surprisingly good! I wasn’t too sure about how the texture would be and if it would be super sweet but it was quite nice.

Such a fun day out.

Frankiie xX

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