Night Noodle Markets

Every year I look forward to the month of October for Good Food Month.
I love all of the events that are organised to bring people together to celebrate different culinary experiences.
This year, the Night Noodle Markets were on again. We have never missed a year except for one where we were bogged down with so many other things that we didn’t get a chance to attend.
This year they had a wide range of vendors such as Mamk, Spice Temple, Hoy Pinoy, Bangkok Street Food, Chat Thai, Bingsu Daddy, Chur Burger, Thai Riffic, Teppanyaki Noodles, Chinese Dim Sum, Black Star Pastry, Shallot Thai, Satay Brothers, Mr Bao, Donut Papi, Donburi Station, Eatfuh, Wonderbao, Flying Noodle, Foods of the Realm, Messina, Grumpy G’s Kitchen, Appethai, Hardstyle Kitchen, Hello Auntie, Little Turtle, The Wagyu, Mama Nam, May’s Malaysian Hawker, Mc Henry Avenue, Mr Miyagi, Twistto, Paella del Mar, POKLOL, Puffle, Rou Jia Mo, Sacred Seed Food Co, Waffleland, Wok Master, Chanteen by Diana Chan and Yan Can.
So you see, it’s super hard to choose what to eat! We have our favourites but we always try and opt for something new.
This year we got to sit in the Pimms area courtesy of our friend, Munch Crunch Slurp Sip.
It had been raining all week so the area was all muddy and hard to walk through but that didn’t stop us!
We were served an array of different foods from different vendors catering to the Pimms Group.
First off the menu were items from Hoy Pinoy.
We had the Inihaw Na Manok which are chicken skewers in a traditional soy glaze and Inihaw Na Baboy which are pork belly skewers in Banana ketchup glaze. These are always a fave for everyone and didn’t disappoint.

Lechon which is boneless Cebu style pig roasted over charcoal and served on steamed rice with Hoy Pinoy Sawsawan. Anyone who loves crackling will love this dish!

Inihaw Na Mais with keso & kornik which is basically grilled corn, cheese glaze and kornik. Definitely something you don’t want to skip out on.

Chicken Adobo Rice Bowl which is chicken cooked with soy, pepper, garlic, vinegar. This is a pretty popular Filipino dish and is definitely one to try.

Chur Burger was the next to serve up some juicy burgers.
The Hoisin goin bro was a monster of a thing, having been made up of grilled beef, American cheddar, crispy five spiced bacon, lettuce, hoisin BBQ sauce, rice wine pickles, a prawn cracker and aioli. Something super different for me but I really liked it!

We also had the Pepper Pig which was made up of salt and pepper crispy pork belly, pickled slaw, chilli black bean mayo & pork cotton candy. Pork lovers, eat your heart out with this one!

Harajuku Girl was a Japanese panko crumbed chicken w’umami seasoning, lettuce, rice wine pickled cucumber, spicy Japanese mayo and puffed wild rice.

The Phat Fries were fries loaded with salt and pepper pork belly, with chilli black bean mayo and pork floss. Absolutely loved this thing!

Next in line were eats from Little Turtle.
They served us some Thai Crepe Dumplings with tofu, mushrooms, asparagus served with sweet soy chilli sauce.

The Pad See Ew with rolled rice noodles stir-fried with sweet soy sauce, tofu and Chinese broccoli.

Mr Bao, one of our faves also served up some goodies.
The Gua Bao Trio had Crackling Pork Belly, Karaage Chicken and Korean Beef. It’s hard to say which one was my fave as they are all good but I really love Karaage chicken!

They also provided us with a side of Crackling Pork Fries which had Crackling Pork, Shoestring Fries, Special Hoisin Sauce, Extra Crackling Pork Skin & coriander. Equally as delicious as the baos!

Now for McHenry Avenue – they served up the cutest piece of all with the Popiah which is a ‘fresh and light take on popular spring rolls’. These came in the flavours of prawn, chicken and tofu.

Dessert served was from Black Star Pastry. Their famous strawberry watermelon cake made of two layers of almond dacquoise, rose scented cream, watermelon, strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals left you with a lovely end to the night, accompanied by Amplify Kombucha in a range of yummy flavours.

We’re hoping to visit again to try some of the other vendors so will keep you guys posted!

Frankiie xX

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