Evita High Tea at the Sofitel

We love high tea at the Sofitel and always try to go to all of the different themed ones that they have.
This time we had the Evita high tea to celebrate the musical story of Eva Peron which is now showing at the Opera House.
For this high tea we were seated in the library area which is a little area which seats about ten people and is away from the bar area. The atmosphere here is calm and relaxing as it is away from everyone else.

When our food came out, it looked amazing! The first tier consisted of Argentinian chicken empanadas, grilled beef and chimichuri sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich de miga, and homemade scones.

The empanadas were delicious and tasted just like pizza!

The grilled beef sandwich was fresh and tasty.

The ham and cheese sandwiches were also yummy.

Unfortunately with the scones, we didn’t get any cream or jam so couldn’t eat them as they are quite dry. We asked for some but after a few empty promises, the chef said they didn’t have any even though it was part of the menu. This was really quite disappointing as what high tea is complete without scones, cream and jam?

The second tier consisted of rice pudding and banana fritters.

I loved the rice pudding! Rice pudding is one of my faves and this one had a lovely vanilla bean flavour to it.

The banana fritters were also pretty good and I’m not the biggest fan of banana!

The top tier consisted of alfarojes macarons, tarta de limon con meringue, chocotorta, dulce de leche and chocolate cake.

The macarons were divine! The berry flavoured one was my fave.

I also loved the meringue. The crisp piece of dried lemon really added a nice zing to the sweetness.

The chocolate cake was also quite nice. It was super light.

In terms of drinks, we had a coffee and two teas.

The teas we opted for were the mango scented FBOP and impoolpittia estate silver tips.
The mango tea was a flowery broken orange pekoe with the aroma of tropical mango with clean fruit and honey notes. This was a lot more bitter than I expected it to be but had a lovely scent.

The silver tips was handmade using only filtered sunlight with notes of grape and honey, and is slightly fruity and floral. This was lovely and light.

This was $69.00 per person and included as many teas and coffees as you wanted.
The experience and food were good but disappointed with the scones.
A rating out of five? Probably a three and a half. This was because we didn’t get as much service as we normally do in the bar area and our menu items were incomplete with the scone sides.

Frankiie xX

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