Milky Lane Parramatta

I originally found out about Milky Lane when the whole ice cream in a CoNut craze came about.
I couldn’t wait to try it so we headed out to Bondi.
Unfortunately, even though the taste was great, I found it quite hard to eat! But we did give the rest of the menu a go and really liked it so when I was walking to work one day and saw a sign saying one would be opening up less than a minute away from where we lived, I was super excited.
As much as we loved their food, there are always heaps of new places for us to try within Bondi that it was hard for us to find a time to go back.
So a week after it opened up in Parramatta, we didn’t hesitate to pay the place a visit.
You definitely can’t miss the place as the music is loud and the murals all over the wall stick out like a sore thumb.
When we walked in we were immediately greeted by a friendly staff member and shown a seat.
It’s hard to focus on the menu when the décor is so in your face (in a good way) – a take from the hip hop and r ‘n’ b world, you will see paintings of Nicky Minaj, Biggie and Rihanna just to name a few.

They also have a little function room out the back with a mural of Kate Moss as a feature wall and a table set out like the last supper on speed.

So onto the menu!

We ordered the mac and cheese croquettes which were filled with bacon and four cheese macaroni, accompanied by Milky Lane dipping sauce which was $12.

The locked and loaded fries which are beer battered chips, bacon bits, shredded cheese, shallots, cheese gravy and Milky Lane special sauce which costs $13

The limp brisket which is a twelve hour Texas rubbed smoked beef brisket braised in ML BBQ sauce, American cheese, Carolina slaw, onion rings ML special sauce, American mustard and ML ketchup for $19.

I also got a strawberry milkshake for $10.

So the verdict?
The food was good but I think some of the menu items are a bit pricey for what they are.
The burger was definitely on point and the locked and loaded fries are definitely one for you to try.
The milkshake should be labeled a thickshake because its consistency is quite thick but other than that, no complaints.

Frankiie xX

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