Sugar Ray’s Bar

Looking for a superior feed and drinks in a decked out bar? Then Sugar Ray’s Bar is the place to be.
This newly opened baby is brought to you by the guys from Salt Vine Tapas Bar so you know the food is going to be good.
We were invited by Food Blogs Media to try this place out which has been open just shy of a couple of weeks.
As you walk in, you get the feel of that 1920s/30s where the furniture is sleek and eye drawing.

You’re greeted by the loveliest waitress you could ever meet named Chiara and as she hands you some menus, you can’t help but be drawn to the feature wall of masses of framed photos.

The items on the menu look so good it’s hard to make a decision.
With everything looking so mouthwatering, it’s easy to get carried away and order one, two or three of everything!
This time though, we were more civilized and opted for four dishes.
But first, drinks!
A beer called Samuel Adams and a signature cocktail called Money in the Bank, which is made up of Baileys, white chocolate, cream and rose – god’s gift! Ladies, if you love a creamy, sweet cocktail, this is definitely one to try and it will leave you wanting more.

So onto the food.
We ordered the salt and vinegar fries. These were like traditional salt and vinegar chips topped with herbs which made the perfect combination of flavour.

We also ordered the smoked mac and cheese balls with tejano dipping sauce. These were so delicious and soft inside its crumbed shell and the smoked flavour gave it a nice added extra to the cheese.

Also on the order list was the Southside fried chicken with chipotle, aioli, coriander, pickled celery and onion. I have never tasted chicken as good as this! I’m not the biggest chicken eater but this really was on point with flavour and is a must to order!

Last but not least, was the barramundi tortilla which is made up of spiced barramundi on a soft squid-inked tortilla, guacamole, saffron peperonata and baby coriander.

My god, if you don’t come here for food, you still need to order and try the barramundi tortilla as it is just amazing! I could have easily eaten ten of these things they were that good.
At the end of the night we walked up to the bar and met Leo who is the bar tender. He was just as lovely as Chiara and we ended our meal with some shots.

I had the Cherry Heering and the guys had one called Calvados which is from France.
It was such a great night so you guys definitely need to haul yourself on over to experience this place for yourself.
Frankiie xX

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