Spice World

I stumbled across this place as I was flicking through the popular page and saw a Barbie which looked like a take on Lady Gaga’s meat dress.
When I clicked into the picture, I saw it was actually a thing at a place in Chinatown so knew I had to visit asap!
It was the best decision.
I absolutely love this place – it’s just so much fun.
We snuck in early after watching a fashion week show so we were super lucky to beat the queue, also because we hadn’t booked in advance.
You walk in and see that they are super attentive to their customers. The tables are laid out in a way where you don’t feel crammed and watched so that when you’re finished you get thrown out straight away so that your table can go to the next person in line.

There are sauce stations with instructions on how to make specific sauces or you can be creative and make your own combo.

There’s quite an extensive menu of items which you can cook in your little hot pot but beware, if you’re not used to spicy food even the least spiciest option is still spicy!
But also on that note, your hot pot comes separated – one being the spicy side and the other, not spicy (thank goodness for this one otherwise I’d be filling up on gallons of water).

There are also a lot of fun novelty items on the list – one obviously being the meat dress Barbie which of course, we ordered.
She came out served on a bed of ice. Even with a meat dress on, she’s still as glamorous as ever.

There are also Hello Kitty hot pots which we unfortunately missed out on due to us not being able to get a table with a large hot pot which it only comes in. At least that gives us a good excuse to come back!
We also ordered some seafood, bread and another meat dish.

Everything here is served beautifully. The seafood was also served on a bed of ice, in a bamboo basket. With this dish, you scrape out bits of seafood from hollowed bamboo sticks.

We were also going to eat the bread dry until one of the waiters saw us and told us we had to put it into the hotpot! It seemed like a strange thing at first, eating soggy bread but once you got to tasting it, it really was quite nice and flavoursome.

There’s also a little robot that does the rounds with a tray of sesame oil and Mentos, you almost feel like you’re in a futuristic world like in the movie Ex Machina.

It’s definitely a lot of fun and because each person gets their own cooking pot, there’s no fighting or waiting for another person to finish cooking their food.
Frankiie xX

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