Charlie Rabbit Dessert Bar

I found out about this cute little place via Instagram.
I had seen the fairy floss drinks on the popular page and was super happy to find that this one was in Sydney!
When we got there, it wasn’t busy which was good.
This place actually replaced a Thai restaurant which I used to have lunch at when I worked in the area.
I ordered the Thai milk tea fried ice cream which was $11.90.

It was made of fried Thai milk tea ice cream and served with corn flakes, whipped cream, roasted almond and chocolate sauce. This was amazing! I really love Thai milk tea and had never had it in ice cream form before so this was really good. The cornflakes and almonds also went really well with it.

Hubby ordered the matcha waffle for $15.90.

This was a Japanese match waffle served with red bean, homemade matcha sauce, whipped cream and a scoop of green tea ice cream. He loved this and it was plated just beautifully.

For our drinks, I had the Lychee flossy which cost $7.50. This was made of lychee juice and topped with fairy floss. I really enjoyed this despite having a cold I could still taste the lychee flavour. I know some places have drink flavours which are really subtle.

Hubby had the iced espresso candy which was $8.50. This was quite fun as it was like an affogato. It came with a shot of coffee and a glass of ice cream topped with fairy floss.

Pouring the shot of coffee was a bit messy but the final product was quite tasty.
This place has really awesome desserts and drinks and is definitely worth checking out! Let me know if you visit and what you had.
Frankiie xX

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