Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the Westin

From ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland so when I did some Google searches on mad hatter’s high teas in Australia and the Westin came up, I was super excited.
I originally tried this high tea a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it so decided to revisit the place to see if anything had changed.

I was happy to know that it hadn’t (apart from two small things such as the mad hatter’s hat now being a rose gold colour rather than green and the macaron clock changing from purple to green).
Other than that, the taste was still as great as the last time I visited and we definitely weren’t disappointed.
This time we were seated in another area. I had put in a request to be seated in an area with good light but unfortunately the Marketing Manager did not get back to me so it was lucky I called in to check my reservation the day before otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post right now.

So to give you guys a breakdown of the savoury plate we had were two of the roast beef and fresh asparagus roulade on mini laugens to represent Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

These were so fresh – the laugen was unexpectedly soft and was so easy to eat.
There was also a cherry, bocconcini and tomato fresh green salad boat with the dressing on the side. Loved this as well and the dressing was super tasty – I pretty much drank it.

Lastly, there was an Alaskan crabmeat salad on double bread which was flavoursome and easy to eat.

On the sweet side there was a dark chocolate mud cake encased in chocolate icing in the shape of a hat. This I actually saved for last because remembering from the last time we had this high tea, this dessert was my very favourite and it still remains that way.

Also on the dish was a macaron in the shape of a pocket watch with a gorgeous blueberry filling. This was sweet and delicate in taste. Definitely one you can say melts in your mouth.

Last but not least, was a heart shaped cake with layers of raspberry buttercream, chocolate ganache and raspberry jelly which was almost too pretty to eat! The flavour of raspberry went really well with the ganache.

The scones came out last which were served with homemade strawberry jam, raspberry chocolate jam and clotted cream. The jams were just divine and you could tell the scones were fresh out of the oven as they were steaming with heat.

For the drinks we opted for teas. Our choices were the jasmine pearl and classic orange pekoe. I love trying different flavoured teas but whenever I see Jasmine on the menu, I’m a sucker and can’t say no unless it’s rose and French vanilla.

So I have to say that this is really my favourite high tea of all time. I love Alice in Wonderland themed things and I just love the whole menu of this one so would highly recommend you guys go and try this one out.
Frankiie xX

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