Vine and Grind

I cannot believe I’ve walked past this place so many times and didn’t try it up until now.
I am kicking myself because the food is absolutely amazing and its set up is like a little cute indoor garden setting.
The service was really good and the staff members are super friendly and attentive.
I ordered the creamy mushroom schnitzel which was panko crusted chicken breast with parmesan and herb crumb and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce, thick cut fries, and rocket salad. Now I know you guys are probably thinking how you could go wrong with ordering a chicken schnitzel but really, you can! I’ve had schnitzels which were dry as a bone or with the crumbs burnt and hard but this one was juicy and crumbed with a nice flavour. The mushroom sauce was delicious and I’m not the biggest fan of rocket as I find it quite bitter but this made for the perfect side dish. I polished the whole thing off and didn’t feel guilty about it.

My partner in crime had the eggs benedict which consisted of dukkah crusted eggs, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, crispy kale and hollandaise sauce on Brasserie bread (which is our favourite bread) with extra bacon and a side of thick cut fries with aioli.

This came out presented beautifully!

The bacon was arranged into the shape of a rose which added a nice touch to the meal and he too enjoyed it.

As for drinks, I had a watermelon juice which also came out beautifully topped with coconut flakes, a slice of watermelon, mint and a rim of chia seeds. I have to say this was the best watermelon juice I’ve ever had. It was super refreshing and sweeter than other watermelon juices I’ve had.

This place is definitely one to visit – guaranteed you will love the food as well as the presentation!

Frankiie xX

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