Se Jong Korean BBQ

I have to say this is by far my favourite Korean barbecue place!
It the cleanest place I’ve been to with the best service.

There is a lot of variety in terms of meat, hot dishes, cold dishes and dessert so it’s a total win for me.
Unlike any other Korean BBQ place I’ve been to, these guys actually change the grill plate every time they see it darkening too much!

Wagyu House let it burn and just place a stack of lettuce leaves under it, making the meat stick to the plate not to mention having bits of burnt sauce sticking to your food.
Anyway, this isn’t an attack on those guys because they have good food too but it definitely does make a difference to the taste of your food.
So to start off, there are various types of meats available from ribs, chicken, pork etc. which is great because you’re not eating a whole lot of just the same thing.

We opted for some different cuts of steak and marinated beef, bacon, sausages and ribs.

All of them delicious but the ribs being my favourite.

Next, some cold dishes. For this they had all different types of sushi – yes, sushi! It was great!

They also have different fresh salads but we didn’t have any of that because who wastes their calories on veg?! Ahahaha
In terms of hot food, they had pumpkin soup, which was quite nice but depending on whether or not you prefer the sweeter pumpkin is the question. If not, you might not like this bad boy.
They have boiled rice and fried rice for your carb hit and they also have various types of noodles.

I couldn’t get enough of the glass noodles – I had three plates full!

They also have ramen, which was quite nice. The noodles were more like spaghetti but it was still good.

There are little cheese and corn clumps in foiled cases, which you can cook on the grill – these were delish!

In terms of drinks, the waiters came around and took your order which is also different from every other place I’ve been to where you have to go up to the counter and pre pay them.
For dessert, there was more than the vanilla ice cream option (which they did also have).

This included brownies, deep fried sweet potato, cheesecake, fruit and some sort of sweet tea that had rice in it. The tea tasted quite nice but I was a bit iffy on drinking the rice!

All in all, the experience was really good – waiters came and cleared your dishes straight away and were super polite. The turnover with food was pretty good as the place gets packed so it’s best to book in advance.

All you can eat for $39 is a bargain if you ask me!

Frankiie xX

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