Hello North Carolina!

So our first taste of the South!
We paid Waffle House a visit as everyone says you’ve got to go there at least once.
As you walk in, you will see that the décor is like an old school diner with red leather seated booths and black and white tiled walls and floor.
Their breakfast matches.
The usual bacon and eggs with a side of grits or hash browns which to these guys are shredded bits of potato which are fried and left loose, are served on old school white plates.

The service is good and everyone seems to have that thing called ‘Southern hospitality’ which I think the rest of the world could take a few tips from!
Anyway, their prices are alarmingly low compared to what you would pay for something of the sort back in Australia which is why tipping is so important.
A fun fact? A friend told us the general rule for calculating the tip is just to double the amount of tax written on the receipt which still to me, seems awfully low!
In any event, Waffle House is the place to be when choosing a place for breakfast.
Next stop: Knoxville Zoo!
We got in for half price here because of the cold. We were told that most, if not all, of the animals would be hidden away in the Africa section due to the cold (it had been snowing the day before and yes, this was the first time I had seen snow in my life but we won’t go into that now).
The zoo was huge and as forewarned, we didn’t get to see most of the African animals such as the rhinos, giraffes, lions etc.
We did however get to see a whole range of birds, one being my favourite, the flamingo.

I have to say they are so pretty in real life! Not that you can’t see that in pictures but I could have sat there all day and just watched them do their thing.

We also got to see some seals and we were lucky enough to catch them during feeding time in which they did some tricks for the crowd to see.

There were also some red wolves and the cutest little otter doing backflips over and over again (I wonder if this was its way of doing some tricks for food?).

I thoroughly enjoyed the desert enclosure because it was a nice, warm change from the cold air.There were small turtles and snakes of different sorts, and lots of cactuses.

The food here was good too.
I had a hot dog with a side of hot chips and hubby had the chicken tenders which he really enjoyed.

After the zoo, we headed over to the Tanger outlets where we had another lunch!
This time we ate at The Chop House where the interior looked like a lovely old school cabaret set up with dim lights and low music.
The food here wasn’t too bad.
I had an Angus chopped steak with a side of spinach and broccoli.
The steak wasn’t really a steak but more like a beef patty from a burger which lacked a little bit in flavour but the sides gave it something a bit extra.

Hubby ordered the slow roasted prime rib sandwich with a side of mac and cheese which he really enjoyed.

The prices were okay but I guess you’re paying more for the atmosphere and decked out interior.
We had a wander around the shops after eating. There were stores such as Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Adidas, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren etc.
We did make a pit stop to the Fudgery because we could smell their goodies from a mile away.
We ordered four pretzels of all sorts covered in sprinkles, Reese’s pieces, white chocolate drizzled in dark chocolate and milk chocolate drizzled in white chocolate and they were delicious!

We wanted to get some chocolate fudge but thought we’d limit ourselves as for dinner we ended up going to Hooters where I ended up with a massive bowl of nachos!

Hubby was more disciplined and had some boneless wings with curly fries.
I was a bit disappointed I was too full for dessert but we have pretzels and tomorrow is another day!

Frankiie xX

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