Salem, Massachusetts

Okay, so the reason I’m visiting Salem is because I’ve always been fascinated with witches so naturally, we had to do a stop over here.
We met a friend at an alien themed pizza place called Flying Saucer and let me tell you, their pizzas are super amazing. I actually favour them over the pizzas in New York!
I got the build your own which had spinach and pepperoni on it.

Hubby ordered the Nick Fury which had crazy toppings on it like mac and cheese, bacon, scallions, buffalo breaded chicken and sriracha.

Our friend had a slice of the cheese pizza.
After our yummy pizzas we walked around the stores – there was shop after shop of wiccan paraphernalia. It was quite interesting what you could buy in some of them! Bird wings and antlers just to name some.
We saw a few historic buildings such as the Town Hall and walked past the Witch House which was unfortunately, closed.

We did however go into the Salem Witch Museum which was interesting as we got to learn about the history of the Salem witch trials.

After that we had dinner at a place called the Rockefellas which is apparently haunted. We asked the server about the rumours and she confirmed that one night one of the other servers was alone in the kitchen and someone tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around and there was no one there, nor was there anyone else around during that time. Freaky!
It’s safe to say that we didn’t encounter anything and they offered us bread! Who can go wrong with bread?!

We did however order a quesadilla and short rib sandwich which were both pretty good.

For dessert, we visited Honey Dew Donuts.
There weren’t that many flavours left so we opted for the Boston Cream (which was my fave) and the chocolate filled.
Their coffee was also pretty good.

Frankiie xX

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