Day Three of New York

Exploring New York, you don’t realise all of the different things there are to explore and eat.
We were lucky enough to get into the Louis Vuitton exhibition and as imagined, everything was just as lush and gorgeous as expected.

Walking through, you get to see how the designs and bags have evolved over the years, as well as learn about the history of the brand.

After the exhibition we were starving so thought we would try New York pizza for the first time.
It was huge and delicious!
We had our first bite at Majestic Pizza and Calzone which is a small eatery in One Liberty Plaza.
When we walked in, there weren’t that many people as we got in before the lunchtime rush, but as soon as we sat down, that’s when the flood of people came in.
Pizzas were getting sold by the dozen and we could see why.
We had the basic cheese and pepperoni and sausage slices and damn, were they good!

Next, dessert!
We walked a few blocks over to Levain, the bakery made famous by their warm cookies.
There was a fifteen-minute wait time in the line but no matter where you stood, you could smell the cookies.
When we finally got down and into the bakery, the smell was even more incredible and we could see the masses of workers out the back, making the cookies.
We ordered the chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip and dark chocolate peanut butter.

Unfortunately, there were no seats left inside for us to sit down and try our cookies as there in quite limited seating but as soon as we got outside, we cracked two of those babies open and watched the chocolate chips ooze out.

That first bite was just as expected, warm with chocolatey goodness.
I have to say that out of the two that we ate on the spot, my favourite would have to be the chocolate chip walnut.

Next stop, the American Museum of History!
I have to say that I am a bit glad New York is so big so that I can walk off all of the calories I’ve been eating.
So with this place, we were lucky enough to have visited on a day which they had a special on and we could either go in for free or give a donation – how good is that?! We didn’t really understand the concept of this as we’re from Australia so we chose to pay the usual nominated amount but it was definitely worth it.

There were four levels but unfortunately we didn’t get to see everything as we had already arrived quite late so will give you guys a quick rundown of what we got to see.
The first level they had a lot of taxidermy animals behind glass windows.

They were all set in the environment which you would most likely see them in but it was great to see what their size would be like in real life!
The second level had an exhibit of early Africa.

The third level had an exhibit of Asian cultures.

The fourth was my favourite – Easter Island and Pacific Islands but we didn’t get much time to see these as they were already starting to shoo people out.

I was also super disappointed that the mummy exhibition was closed off as I would have loved to have seen this also.
We had done quite a lot of walking so decided to order some Uber eats yet again or dinner.
Today, the food of choice was Greek.
We ordered off a place called Uncle Gussy’s in which we got a gyro platter, pitta sandwich and delicious rice, and yes, the rice was delicious!

Frankiie xX

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