Hawaii Day Three

Today I got married!
We didn’t have time to have a proper feed so while we were getting ready we had some Maccas (McDonald’s for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Aussie lingo).
For me even though we have Maccas back home, I still like to visit and see what it’s like at other places.
Here in Hawaii, when you ask for a cheeseburger meal, you get two cheeseburgers! Their drinks are also quite large.
I had a happy meal and got two servings of chips.

Taste was relatively the same but we found that drinks everywhere are generous in size. Also when you ask for lemonade, you get the good homemade stuff which can only be found at places where they have food trucks.
Anyway, we had our reception at Ravish which is located within our hotel, The Modern and boy the food was good.
I had the squash risotto which had cubes of roasted butternut squash and maitake. This was delicious and just the right size to fit in dessert.

We also ordered a harvest salad which was made up of local vegetables and fruit with a side of confit marbled potatoes. These were the best potatoes!

The local fresh fish with seasonal vegetables.

The vegetable ash crusted lamb loin with sweet potato and hibiscus verjus.

Some matcha bao buns with seared pork belly, banana ketchup and scallions. The banana ketchup had an interesting taste.

Surf n turf sushi which was made of prime steak, AHI and steak sauce.

For dessert we ordered the Ravished by chocolate dish which was comprised of gold dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate ganache, gold candied hazelnuts, 24 carat gold leaf and Thai tea ice cream.

Lilikoi soufflé made of milk chocolate anglaise with strawberry yuzu sorbet. This was the softest soufflé I’ve ever tasted and the milk chocolate anglaise was so creamy and delightful.

Apple tarte tatin made of caramelized granny smith, vanilla mousse and sage ice cream. This too was delicious and the sage ice cream was lightly refreshing.

Warm apple cranberry crumble served with butter pecan ice cream. All of the desserts were beautifully presented but this one took the cake. It was served in a baby pumpkin and tasted so good! I’m not the biggest fan of apple crumble, let alone apple cranberry but this was delicious.

And because we had just gotten hitched, the guys from the kitchen brought out an ice cream tasting platter with three different flavours of chocolate, vanilla, and lemon sorbet topped with a profiterole and drizzled chocolate. It was hard to choose a favourite as they were all so good.

Definitely a nice fine dining experience.
Frankiie xX

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