Pho and Go

Was super lucky to get invited (along with three friends) to this place by the owner, Johnny.
As we walked in, Johnny greeted us with a warm welcome. He was super friendly and told us a little background on the place and how he wanted to create something for people on the go (hence the small amount of seating available). Most of the locals are comprised mostly of uni students or school kids who are in and out and you can see from the people who come in that they are regulars who have come back time and time again due to the food and friendliness of the staff.
We were given some drinks while we were waiting for our food. Our choices were an avocado smoothie, lychee smoothie, durian smoothie and Vietnamese ice coffee.
These were so refreshing!

We were brought out some entrées to start with which comprised of pork crackling rice paper rolls, chicken and avocado rice paper rolls and spring rolls (my gosh, those babies are good).

I love rice paper rolls and I had never had a pork crackling one before so this was something new to the tasting palate.

Now I am not an expert in pho as I’ve had only had it once before (yes, that’s 100 percent correct!) and to be truthful, it wasn’t great so have never ordered it again until today!

I mean Pho and Go specialises in pho so what a better way to change my mind about the dish than to come in with a clear mind and have another taste.

Truth be told, this place actually has changed my mind! I gobbled up the whole bowl within a few minutes much to my delight.
Next, we were brought out the lemon grass beef noodle salad with extra pork crackling and the lemongrass chicken noodle salad also with extra pork crackling.

These two dishes were delish! The lemongrass flavour made for a nice and refreshing combination with the noodles and shredded lettuce and carrot and the pork crackling made for a nice addition of salt to the dish.

Such good food and such a good night out. Pho and Go is definitely one to visit and I’m not just saying that, it really is now one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants. Fingers crossed they open up shop in Parramatta!
Thank you, Johnny!

Frankiie xX

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