Pizza Fresh Co

If you love customizing your food as much as I do, Pizza Fresh Co. is the place to go!

Finally opening up in the level 5 food court at Parramatta Westfield, I was super excited to visit with it being so close to home.

I was lucky enough to have won the create your own pizza contest on Instagram.

Being the dessert lover I am, of course I put an entry in for a dessert pizza! Nutella with my all time favourite thing on top, fairy floss and drizzled with strawberry sauce. And didn’t it just turn out delightful?!

The guys at Pizza Fresh Co. invited me over for a free creation of my pizza.

I had a few friends come along for support to purchase one of my creations and when we got there, the manager was so lovely, he gave us four savoury pizzas to share along with the dessert pizza.

They were absolutely amazing and bursting with flavor (not that I expected anything less as we had been to the one in Epping before).

My friends loved the pizzas and vowed to visit again.

We had a laugh standing on chairs in the food court taking flat lays but it was worth it. People all around were looking and we noticed that more than a handful of people went and bought some pizza from there after spotting our delicious looking ones!

Overall, it was a fun experience and fingers crossed Frankiie’s hungry tummy pizza will stay a permanent part of the menu (not sure if they will call it that though!).

Frankiie xX

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