Uber Eats Turns One

YasSss! Uber Eats turned one and I was super lucky to score myself an invite to their event with a plus one at the Grounds of Alexandria thanks to Ompty Media.

The Grounds is the most gorgeous place you could ever visit, with animals galore! Home to our all time favourite pig, Kevin Bacon and friends, if you haven’t been you need to run there now.

The night started off beautifully with a long table laid out with lots of different cheeses, antipasto galore and loaves of bread.

As you walk further up, you find a wagon piled with doughnuts as well as a wall of them. Yes, that’s right, doughnuts galore! Pink, blue and caramel coloured in all different sizes from Dr Dough Donuts, and Krispy Kreme – it was a dream come true.

Best of all, there was alcohol galore! Look to the right of that doughnut heaven, you will see another set up with free pouring alcoholic beverages, not to mention the wait staff walking around with trays of white and red wines, and beer.

The crowd was quite large and unfortunately, the food had run out too quickly. We had missed out on the mini sliders and sushi. Those who had come in later than the start time, seemed to have missed out even more but hey, there were plenty of doughnuts and alcohol so no one can really complain.

At the end of the event, people were also gifted with an awesome little goodie bag jam packed with OVI water, a Nutella snack pack, Bondi Sands self tanning foam, Doughnut Time doughnut, jar of peanut butter, bottle of wine and a peri mayo bottle.

Hope you guys enjoyed all of the photos!

Frankiie xX

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