Secret Foodies Christmas in July

After all this time of following Ms Darlinghurst and wishing I could attend a Secret Foodies event, I finally got the chance to go this weekend.

It was everything I imagined and more.

At 10 o’clock on the dot, surely enough, I received a text from Santa Claus advising of the secret location – The Provincial in Rozelle.

This country chic themed restaurant had only been open for seven months.  Led by head Chef Keno (someone, please correct me if I got the spelling of his name wrong!) hailing from a filipino background, created the perfect Christmas in July menu.

When we got there we greeted with a warm welcome and not too long after, some warm mulled wine with the chance to mix and mingle.

After about half an hour or so, Ms Darlinghurst herself started to seat people.

Inside, the tables were decorated in festive colours, each seat with its own bon bon and mask – one of the rules being you have to wear the mask at least once!

secret foodie (5 of 65)

After everyone was seated, Ms Darlinghurst told us a bit about herself and how Secret Foodies came to be.  She had taken that bold move to quit her day job for her love of hosting dinner parties.  Lucky for her, it all worked out well and it has grown so much she now has a team working alongside her as well as in different states.

After she had finished her story, the starters came out.  Two dishes made quite intricately and deliciously complimenting one anther.  The first was a salad of Moreton Bay Bugs and beetroot cured salmon gravlax with crispy capers, preserved lemon, chives and creme fraiche.  The second, grilled asparagus with burrata served with jamon serrano, croutons and chimichurri.  These two were paired with Mud House Sauvignon Blanc and NZ by Nature Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

secret foodie (47 of 65).jpg

These two dishes were an absolute delight – it was hard to not go back for seconds but I knew that if I kept eating, I’d have less room for the main and dessert.

Lucky I had listened to my gut instinct as when the mains came out, they looked absolutely mouthwatering!  One being slow cooked bone in lamb shoulder served with pine nuts and raisins and the other, a traditional favourite, roast turkey roulade with mushrooms, prosciutto and chicory served with Paris mash.  These two were paired with red wines this time – Mud House Pinot Noir and NZ by Nature Pinot Noir.

secret foodie (57 of 65).jpg

The lamb was so tender and the flavour intensely good was definitely cooked to perfection.  The turkey, with a more muted flavour and just the right amount of saltiness added to the skin.  And oh that Paris mash!  The perfect accompaniment to any roast meal.

secret foodie (40 of 65)

Alongside these two mains were sides of honey roasted carrots and parsnips on labneh and dukkah and, grilled broccolini with almonds, burnt butter and sherry vinegar.

secret foodie (25 of 65).jpg

So many different colours and flavours all complimenting one another, they made that American dream of a white Christmas with a turkey on the table come true!

secret foodie (36 of 65).jpg

After the mains, we did the exchanging of gifts.  Each person had to hold their Kris Kringle gift up and pass it down four places to the right.  I ended up getting a Belle pez dispenser and fidget spinner – someone was bound to get one!

Last but not least was dessert. A flaming fruit mince tart paired wit Mud House Pinot Gris.  Oh that merengue!!!  Those soft, sweet peaks were just the perfect topping to that fruit mince.

secret foodie (60 of 65).jpg

So that concluded our Christmas in July foodies event which was so much fun.  If you’re ever in the area of Rozelle be sure to check this baby out as I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  AND you guys should also look into attending a Secret Foodie event if you haven’t already done so.

Ms Darlinghurst, if you’re reading this – please make more weekend Secret Foodie events as people like myself struggle for time to do these sorts of activities during the week!

Hope you guys enjoyed my post.

xX Frankiie

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