Vanilla Kitchen

Stumbled across this event while browsing through Eventbrite and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Pepsi Max’s celebration of their new vanilla flavour, they started the night off with a welcome aperitif concocted by Dre Walters of The Lobo Plantation called Brad’s drink.  Made with grape, kiwi and lemon thyme syrup, blanco vermouth, white rum, lemon juice and lemon thyme this was one of my faves.  I could have easily drank 1, 2 or 10!

vp (1 of 5).jpg

The Entree, named The Burgerlord, was a mini cheeseburger, with smoked kola nut bbq sauce and vanilla cured bacon, served with a miniature side of mac and cheese was topped with a vanilla bacon crumble, put together by Jimmy Hurlston of Easey’s. Definitely one of my fave meals of the night as I’m a huge fan of mac and cheese!


The second drink of the night was a palate cleanser called Grogram, also by Dre Walters. Made of spiced rum, Pepsi Max vanilla, stout spiced reduction, lemon juice, sugar and a flamed cinnamon quill.

maxvanilla (15 of 41)

The main course, put together by Mitch Orr had a Filipino twist to it.  Pig’s head braised with Pepsi Max vanilla, topped with XO sauce, scallions and nori, served on a bed of rice.

vp (3 of 5).jpg

The dessert, prepared by Andy Bowdy of Saga was A Little Splice of Heaven.  Made from caramelised pineapples, whipped vanilla cream, Pepsi Max vanilla spiced gel, lime merengue shards, lime curd, vanilla buttermilk sorbet and pineapple crisps reminded me of a tropical island.

vp (4 of 5).jpg

The last item on the menu, a digestive called Breakfast Cuba Libre also created by Dre Walters was the most instagrammable piece of the night.  Carbonated white rum served in a wine glass, was accompanied with Pepsi Max vanilla and citric acid jellies, served with a small toothbrush with lime and mint paste and candied limes.

vp (5 of 5).jpg

All this for $30 plus you get a can of the Pepsi Max vanilla to take home and try.  Well worth the money!

xX Frankiie


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